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About NCCU

 Brief History 

National Chengchi University (NCCU) was founded in 1927 in Nanjing, China, and relocated to Taiwan in 1954. Over the past 9 decades through re-formation and development, NCCU continues upholding the motto, "Harmony, Independence, Balance and Preeminence", and continues to refine our teaching methods and research in order to nurture talent for our country and society.

Mission and Vision

As a stronghold of education and researchin the humanities and social sciences in Taiwan, NCCU strives to cultivate students' qualities of leadership, cultural and legal literacy, altrusim, international vision, and the ability to embrace different cultures and values. 

Following our university motto, "Fraternity, Devotion, and Sincerrity", students and faculty of NCCU regard serving society, facilitating national development, and enchancing human well-being as personal and collective responsibilities. 

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