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University Highlights

Taiwan's Top University in Humanities and Social Sciences

Known for its humanities and social sciences, NCCU strives for excellent research capacity and results by "improving the academic environment to strengthen the existing foundation of research" and promoting university-industry cooperation to stimulate cutting edge research."

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International Exchanges and Global Vision

NCCU attracts more than 2,000 overseas students from over 70 different countries each year. Such a number accounts for 10% of the student population and comes out on top in all national universities in Taiwan. Currently, NCCU has 675 worldwide partner universities, across 5 continents classfied in 11 different language families.

A Multi-lingual Study Environment 

At the most prestigious among nationwide universities for the number of language programmes taught, NCCU offers language courses in nearly 30 languages and aims to cultivate and prepare globally-minded individuals with excellent language skills in academical, governmental, and industrial sectors. 

Distinguised Alumni from All Over the World

NCCU has more than 100,000 alumni from who have made remarkable achievements in all sectors of society cross the globe. Many of them serve as administrative officers and senior civil servants. According to "Global Views Monthly" in 2015 and 2016, the fact that NCCU ranked number 2 among "Enterprises' Most Favored Graduate Schools" in an outstanding accomplishment in Taiwan. 

Beautiful Campus on the Hill by the Water

Located in Wenshan District, Taipei City, NCCU leans on the foothills of Zhinan Mountain to its east, adjoins the Jingmei River to its west and is enclosed by the Edge Mountain System with the Zhinan  River flowing through, which taken together forms a beautiful campus surrounded by hills and water.