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General Enquiry

1. What does the admission brochure include?
    It includes application instruction, admission criteria and quotas of each department/program, scholarship, tuition, accommodation, etc.

Admission relevant links and downloads  
3. Does NCCU accept application for the spring semester?
NCCU accepts international applications twice a year. The Spring Semester has Graduate admission, while Fall Semester has Undergraduate and Graduate admission.

4. If I don’t know Chinese, can I apply?

Courses at NCCU are mainly conducted in Chinese. Hence, international students enrolled in regular programs are required to have adequate Chinese language proficiency. 

If you are an undergraduate program applicant, your may consider applying to the Dept. of Business Administration since its bachelor's program has more courses taught in English than other undergraduate programs and the department has the biggest number of international students among our undergraduate programs.
If you are a master/doctoral program applicant, there are 6 English programs for reference.
5. What is NCCU English-taught courses link?      
(The list of English-taught courses will be different each year.)
1. How can I apply NCCU as an international student?
  Please refer to the admission brochure and eligibility checker.
2. What are “non-degree students?”

If you plan to study at NCCU for one semester, you may apply to be enrolled as a non-degree student at NCCU. NOT all the departments offer the admission quota for non-degree students (fee-paying visiting students). Non-degree students cannot apply for the on-campus housing and also cannot apply for the Taiwan Visa with the purpose of the short-term study at NCCU. For the VISA issue, please kindly contact the Taiwan Overseas Representative for further information. 

In addition to the credit fees, the non-degree students taking more than 9 credits (counted by the actual class hours) will also need to pay additional “other fees.” For the tuition rate, please visit  

3. Does NCCU accept international transfer students?

NCCU does not accept international transfer students. Al l new international students will start their study from the freshman year. 
 However, you may apply for the credit exemption with the approval from the department by the prescribed deadline. For more information about this regulation and the procedure, please visit
Required Application Documents

1. Should my photocopy of highest academic degree and original official transcript be verified by Taiwan Overseas Representative Office?

At the time of application, except that the copies of the translation in Chinese or English need to be notarized if the original diploma or transcripts are not in Chinese or English , other documents (i.e. one photocopy of the diploma of the highest academic degree, one original official transcript or an official bank statement) can be unverified by related offices.

However, the newly admitted students have to submit the diploma and transcripts which are both verified by the Taiwan Overseas Representative Office in the country of the original school. 

2. What are the regulations of submitting the official bank statement?
  • Either fixed or current account is acceptable.
  • If the official bank statement is not in the name of the applicant, a signed sponsorship letter in Chinese or English is required, in which the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant is stated and the support of the applicant’s expense for the duration of the applicant’s studies in Taiwan is guaranteed.
  • Sponsorship Letter Sample
  • Students with full scholarship must provide proof.
3. Are there any regulated formats of my study plan or autobiography?

If departments/programs do not regulate the words or format of your study plan and autobiography, it means it is up to you. For further assistance, please feel free to contact departments/programs you would like to apply and refer to the brochure for contact information.

4. What are regulations of submitting Chinese or English Proficiency Test transcripts or certificates?

Please see the admission brochure to see if the departments/programs you are applying to specify the types. If not, you can submit it in any format. 
But, if the departments/programs regulate applicants to submit the certain level of transcripts or certificates, applicants must meet their requirement at the time of application.
Please feel free to contact departments/programs you would like to apply for more questions.