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Regulation and Downloads


Regulations - before entering the University

1. International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan
2. National Chengchi University Admission Guidelines for International Students
3. Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials for Institutions of Higher Education
4. 大陸地區學歷採認辦法
5. Regulations Governing the Examination and Recognition of Educational Qualifications from Hong Kong and Macau
6. Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Educational Levels for University Admission
7. Nationality Act
8. NCCU Regulations Governing Foreign Student Application of the Ministry of Education Common Scholarship


Regulations - for NCCU students

1. Regulations regarding Academic Affairs
    (ex. Guidelines for Course Selection, Credit Exemption, Study Abroad, Department Transfer Policy, Double Majors and Minors, etc.)
2. Regulations regarding Student Affairs
    (ex. Student Appeal, Dormitory, Student Activities, etc.)
3. National Chengchi University New International Student Scholarship Application Guidelines



1. Non-Household Registration Declaration
2. Sponsorship Letter (Sample)
3. Items required for Health Certificate (Type B)
4. Certificate of Enter and Exit Dates 
5. International Degree Student Handbook


Application Information

1. Application for Entry/Exit Date Certificate 
2. VISA Application Form
3. Multiple-Purpose Application Form for Foreigners
4. Guidelines for the Taiwan Scholarship Program