​Notice for 2018 Elite Scholarship Recipients

  • 2018-05-11
  • Office of International Cooperation

Notice for 2018 Elite Scholarship Recipients

  • The Elite Scholarship duration will be three years for students enrolled in Ph.D. programs and two years for students enrolled in master’s degree programs. The content of the scholarship includes tuition waiver and a monthly stipend of NTD16,000.
  • The Elite Scholarship recipients are supposed to be current lecturers employed by the universities of Southeast Asia and South Asia. The scholarship for the recipient who fails in submitting the employment certificate as a current lecturer will be cancelled.
  • Please read the “NCCU Admission Notice for International Students during 2018-2019 Academic Year” thoroughly and follow the instruction to complete the verification of your educational documents and the registration. To accept our offer of admission, please send required documents by post or courier to the International Education Section, Office of International Cooperation (hereafter, “OIC”) by June 20, 2018 (postmark date).
  • OIC will inform all international students of the registration details via email in early August. The Elite Scholarship recipients also ought to complete the registration procedure before the deadline every semester. Otherwise, the scholarship will be cancelled.
  • Elite Scholarship recipients are NOT supposed to use the registration bills downloaded at NCCU website or First Bank website. The recipients MUST pick up their registration bills personally from OIC.
  • Notes:
  1. The scholarship will be cancelled if recipients are awarded with the following scholarships: Taiwan Scholarship, full scholarship offered by other government institutions, tuition waiver offered by NCCU or other non-NCCU entities.
  2. Recipients are NOT allowed to receive NCCU International Doctoral Student Tuition Waiver and NCCU New International Student Scholarship, should they have gotten award notice from those scholarships. 
  3. Recipients are not eligible to apply for the NCCU Common Scholarship during the offered period of this scholarship.
  4. Recipients should have achieved academic and conduct grade of 80 and above in the previous semester in order to receive the tuition waiver for the following semester.
  5. Scholarship will be cancelled if recipients apply for a deferment, suspension, or get expelled from enrolled programs.
  • For more information of this scholarship, please check the Elite Scholarship Program guidelines of the Ministry of Education.
We wish you a successful and pleasant study at NCCU!
Office of International Cooperation